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Web-based solutions and data-based driven portal-website services.

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Attonyx Computer Engineers & Communications Nig Ltd

We primarilly proffer solutions for both Hardware and Software use - where its all about the Design and deployment of Software Application Solutions that proffers solutions for administrative, managerial and educational needs. We are also into the deployment of VSAT earth station systems for data/voice transmission. This extends to the implementation of internet backbone devices like CISCO and Mikrotik equipments installation, communication masts, as the network basic tools for achieving the communication broadcast. Also in our services of the Network communication products, we cover the gaps with the required security alertness to enable our customers feel the efficiency of the use of our solution, improved productivity and service delivery.

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an indigenous ICT Company based in No.9a Sokoto Road-8 Babadoko Complex, Zaria and No.3B Bugalow Close, Ribadu Road, Kaduna Metropolis, Kaduna State.

The main thrust of our existence is to promote the effective utilization of ICT, backbone on the platform of communication standards, Computer-links and networks as tools in the achieving of efficiency and improved productivity of service.

Attonyx Computer Engineers and Communications Ltd is fully registered and incorporated by the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in the year 2005 with our Head office in Zaria, Kaduna State. We also have extended our services to Nasarawa, Keffi, Katsina, Bauchi, Abuja, Other places where servises extends to include Accra, Freetown and Garuwa etc. due to the increasing demand for our professional expertise. We are skilled by the specialty of offering systems and network programming solutions (on a client/server platform). Some of our Products include;
Web-based solutions and data-based driven portal-website services – this has to do with student/staff data collation and management. i.e. online fee registration, online course registration, online result checking, automated form of shortlisting and screening, etc
E-testing Application Solution – this is also known as the computer based test used in most Institutions today. It helps in the eradication of all forms of examination malpractices and also ensures a swift and stress-free method of conducting any examination.

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Going by the technological expansion of Data, voice and video communication, it is trendingly vital that networks are kept running at peak potentials; to enable network users and applications function at all times in their maximum efficiencies. This then brings about the infrastrusture - the central hub of network facilities, where more specifically, the Fiber Optics, structured Copper cabling “, i.e. the communication pathways between the network devices are put to use. The proper design, installation, management and long-term availability of this infrastructure are fundamental to the overall performance of the entire system it supports.

We understand your organisation's style of profitting from effective communication infrastructure. And this makes us fully committed to offering value- adding and business focus ontelecommunication solutions. Our communication solutions cover a wide range of cutting edge derivations meant for diverse business-related environments and requirements. our offerings include; Enterprise office communication solution (PABX, IP PBX and VOIP) - Video Conferencing andEnterprise Mobile communication (Satellite Phone and push to talk (PTT) solution.

As known to be vulnerable to both internal and external threats, individuals and companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to proactive measures for the effective combat of threats. And it is by these means that we proffer Network and Premises sophistication protection that proactively responds to various security challenges. Our security solutions include Firewall (IDS /IPS), Content Filtering /Data access control, CCTV / IP Surveillance, and Premises access control with Intrusion prevent / detection.

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Please kindly contact us via the following means. We are hopeful that you shall be proferred with a functional and practical solutions based on current and available technology to solve your professional and business needs [+2348036484121 admin@attonyx.com]